On Time
How many projects fall behind projected completion? ICM empowers the owner to change the outcome from day 1 rather than waiting until it is too late.
In Budget
Have a projected cost and end up spending so much more? ICM not only keeps projects on time but reduces cost of projects.
Highest Quality
ICM establishes and enforces a systematic quality control procedure to every project to reduce the long term cost of owning a project.

From the Beginning

Our work begins at the planning phase


Breaking Ground

Establishing Contract Milestone Dates and Activity Durations To Control The Project from Day 1


Actively Engaged

Coordinating Every Detail and Every Participant to Improve Quality and Reduce Time and Cost

Current Projects

Lafayette County Elementary School

October 25, 2018

Oxford High School Fine Arts

September 5, 2018

Oxford Elementary School

September 5, 2018

Left Field Lofts at Dudy Noble

May 4, 2018

St. Peter’s Episcopal Church Renovation and Addition

April 28, 2018

Lafayette County Arena

March 12, 2018

Lafayette County Business Complex

March 12, 2018

Oxford Parking Garage

July 28, 2017

St. John The Evangelist Catholic Church Renovation and Addition

February 13, 2017

University of Mississippi Golf Course Addition & Renovation

February 13, 2017